Saturday, September 5, 2015

SquaredCircleSyndicate: Episode 11 Show Notes

- Mike & I had a great conversation prior to recording involving Hulk's reaction to his daughter Brooke being romantically involved with an African American male. With Mike being in an inter-racial marriage himself, his view point was invaluable. We discussed the negative reactions he has garnered by otherwise mild mannered family & friends due to the deep seeded effects of racism, shining a unique light on the hateful comments made by Hulk. 

- This was a more serious topic for us to cover, and we just naturally tried to still have fun & make the show as entertaining as possible. Over the course of recording the previous 10 episodes, Mike & I have gotten to the elusive "Sweet Spot", being much more relaxed and organic while recording. 

- Also during our pre-recording rap session, we discussed the idea & notion that the "Hulk Hogan" character is so impeccable, that the actual man Terry Bollea has grown resentful of the very character that has made him famous. Bollea's sporadic behavior over the past several years shows that in many ways he may be "rebelling" against his own alter-ego.  

- This was the 2nd of our late night recording sessions. We began recording closer to 1am, which created a unique broadcasting environment. Being tired actually helped me to loosen up even further, making the show sound much more reminiscent of the real life conversations Mike & I have off-air.

- In retrospect, the parallels of the Hulk Hogan scandal and Bill Cosby's situation are staggering. Two iconic, beloved public figures that grew to prominence in the 1980's. Both falling from grace, all-bet for two completely different reasons. As a long-time pro wrestling fan, one can only hope that Hulk can overcome this negative stigma of bigotry & hatred. Only time will tell.   

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